spacemarinesIn the grim darkness of the future there is only De-La-Warr!!!! Join the Icehouse Warriors in fighting for the right to rule the future of the galaxy. You will need to marshal your best forces and harness all of your tactical skills as a general to defeat the forces arrayed against you. Whether you fight on the side of order or for the forces of Chaos, De-La-Warr is eternal in the future! Come and join the Icehouse Warriors in a weekend of carnage and fun.

The Del-La-Warr Open is a 2 day Warhammer 40K GT being held at the Icehouse Gaming club in Newark, DE the weekend on April 29th – April 30th, 2017.  De La Warr will be using NOVA Open missions and ITC FAQs.  Information for missions can be found at The FAQ can be found here. Death from the skies supplement will not be allowed.

There will be 64 spots available. $60 entry fee. This will be a qualifier for the NOVA invitational as well. Any questions please email us. We are looking forward to an even bigger and better event!

Tournament Rules

1850 points
6 rounds
3 hour rounds
56 player cap
$60 entry fee
Armies MUST be fully painted and based
Death from the skies supplement will not be allowed
You must bring 8 TYPED copies of your list
Nova missions and list construction


Prize Support

We have some of the best prize support arround. With the event being held in house, the majority of the entry fee will go towards prizes and on top of that, we have tons of swag from mmultiple vendors coming in. If sold out, we are looking at around $3500 worth of prizes!!!!!!!!!


Cost to register: $60.00